Almost $400M For Disaster Preparedness Under New Disaster Ready Fund

Written by: The Hawkesbury Phoenix


IMAGE: Australia prepares for future natural disasters with 187 projects funded under Round 1 of the new Disaster Ready Fund.

The Hawkesbury community, and the rest of Australia, will be better protected and prepared for future natural disasters following today’s announcement of 187 projects funded under Round One of the new Disaster Ready Fund.

Funding was matched for the majority of successful projects by state, territory or local government or other delivery partners, resulting in a combined investment of nearly $400 million to actively reduce the risks and impacts of disaster events and natural hazards, including climate change.

The funding includes building vital infrastructure like flood levees, seawalls and hazard warning systems that will help protect lives, homes, livelihoods and critical public infrastructure.

The Fund’s purpose is to help protect communities from natural disasters.

State and Territory governments submitted applications for a range of projects to improve mitigation and resilience, in collaboration with local Councils and community groups.

Minister for Emergency Management, Murray Watt said close to 70 per cent of Australians were impacted by storms, floods, cyclones and bushfires in 2022 alone, signalling the urgent need to take decisive action.

“Australians face the threat of bushfires, floods and cyclone every year and natural disasters are becoming more common, and more dangerous due to climate change,” Minister Watt said.

“We’re investing up to $1 billion in Commonwealth funding over five years to build critical projects that will reduce disaster risk, help to reduce recovery costs and strengthen community resilience.

“As we continue to fund disaster recovery and specific resilience programs in areas which have suffered disasters recently, it’s critical we do more to build defences right across Australia, to better protect communities and their regional economies.

“We know that every dollar spent on disaster resilience and mitigation delivers a return on investment to governments and households nine times over, but as a country we invest far more in recovering from disasters than we do defencing against them, and that mentality has got to change.”

The National Management Agency (NEMA) will work with each jurisdiction to negotiate funding agreements with funds to be provided as soon as possible from July 2023.

Projects must be completed within three years.

There were more than 300 applications submitted across all states and territories.

Successful projects were selected following a rigorous merit-based assessment process undertaken by NEMA.

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