Brighter Beginnings For Families


Families, women and those most vulnerable in our community will benefit from the NSW Government’s blueprint for reform, creating opportunity and helping people prosper.

Member for Hawkesbury, Robyn Preston MP welcomed the investment into brighter futures for Hawkesbury residents.

“This Budget has focused on the health and safety of women, creating opportunities for women to have the choice to be more active in the workforce, education and boosting family budgets,” Ms Preston said.

The NSW Government’s Budget has invested in programs and services that ensure women in all stages of life feel safe and supported.

Programs including:

  • $43.6 million to expand the Safer Pathway program to support victim-survivors of domestic and family violence;
  • $30 million was allocated to create the Safer Cities program, an initiative to upgrade public places across NSW by delivering improved lighting and infrastructure designed to more effectively meet the safety needs of women and girls;
  • $80 million over four years to extend and expand the Affordable IVF Program to assist families with the high costs associated with pre-IVF fertility testing, fertility treatments and preservation;
  • $40 million to ensure women struggling with menopause have access to a network of dedicated health services;
  • $16.5 billion over 10 years to create more avenues of opportunity for women and help give our children the best start in life.

By investing in affordable and accessible childcare, more women will have the choice to enter the workforce or take on more hours, increasing female workforce participation and closing the gender pay gap.

NSW is launching one of the biggest education reforms in a generation - starting with the introduction of a universal pre-Kindergarten year of education by 2030 for which the 2022-23 Budget will set aside more than $5.8 billion over 10 years.

Ms Preston welcomed the announcement of $37.1 million for the building of the Hawkesbury Centre of Excellence for Agricultural Education in the NSW Budget.

“The key to the success of the State’s future is in education and I’m pleased to see the $37.1 million commitment from the NSW Government for the building of the Centre of Excellence,” Ms Preston said.

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