Doggie Dates NSW Allows You To Socialise With Your Dog

Written by: The Hawkesbury Phoenix


Doggie Dates NSW organises social outings for you and your dog.

Doggie Dates NSW was formed in 2015 with Campbelltown Camden Doggie Dates when they became aware of the issues people faced socialising their dogs, including problems at dog parks, off-leash dog attacks in the community and the cost of training.

Director of Doggie Dates NSW (DDNSW) Te’re Melrose said they had their first walk in January 2015 in Camden.

“In 2018 we commenced Central Coast Doggie Dates and then The Hills District & Surrounds Doggie Dates then Blacktown Penrith Doggie Dates followed,” Ms Melrose said.

“All groups are under the banner Doggie Dates NSW, which is a not-for-profit company.”

The name came about as a small group of people used to make a date and walk their dogs together in different locations and share on local community pages.

“People really liked the posts and started to suggest we should form a group,” Ms Melrose said.

“As we made dates to catch up with our dogs, we thought of the name Doggie Dates.”

Ms Melrose said there were few free activities these days, particularly when it came to socialising their canine friends.

“We are not dog trainers but owners find the group very effective to train their dogs,” she said.

“Additionally, we do not discriminate, so all breeds and behaviours are welcome as long as they are securely leashed and owners follow our AAA policy.

“People and dogs develop connections and friendships and their social lives increase dramatically when they get involved in our group.

“It decreases loneliness and creates a sense of community.”

The group works through volunteers in each area who run walks at various locations on specific days and at times of their choosing.

“We cover some basic training and they can choose to run their walks weekly, fortnightly, monthly or pop-up,” Ms Melrose said.

“We have a whole range of walks such as sniffaris, multiwalks, regular walks and events.

“Each walk has all the information needed in the event on facebook to inform people if it is suited to them and their dog.”

There are rules to keep people and their dogs safe.

With volunteers throughout NSW, Doggie Dates is more than a facebook group.

“Our mission is to foster inclusivity, promote mental health and encourage social interaction for people and dogs, one walk at a time,” Ms Melrose said.

“We have walks suited to people with a range of disabilities and dogs with many different personalities.

“The hardest thing is often coming along the first time but newbies quickly learn that there is no judgement and it is quite addictive.”

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