Eucalyptus Forests In Changing Climate

A tour of EucFACE, the world’s only Free Air CO2 Enrichment research facility in native Australian forest, forms part of the public program for Powerhouse’s exhibition Eucalyptusdom.

As part of the public program for the Powerhouse’s award-winning and highly acclaimed exhibition Eucalyptusdom, the museum has partnered with Western Sydney Universiry (WSU) to co-host an event examining eucalypt forests in a changing climate and the role of culture, art abd science in communicating the urgent need for global and local action, according to Powerhouse curator and science communicator, Nina Earl.

“Without eucalypts our environment would look drastically different,” Ms Earl said.

The event, on Sunday, May 15 from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm, starts with a talk on WSU Richmond campus hosted by Ms Earl, with addresses from the following people:

  • Artist Vera Hong who produced, directed, filmed and edited over 50 short and long-form films on culture, nature and conservation;
  • WSU Associate Professor and EucFACE researcher, Ben Moore;
  • Darug artist and educator, Chris Tobin; and
  • Naturalist, Wyn Jones.

Ms Earl said that while there was plenty of space for the talks at WSU Richmond site, the tours with scientists at the research facilities that follow are small, so numbers are limited.

Participants will tour EucFACE, the world’s only Free Air CO2 Enrichment research facility in native Australian forest.

EucFACE is WSU’s groundbreaking experiment, designed to predict the effects of rapicly rising atmospheric carbon dioxide on Australia’s unique native forests.

This innovative experiment aims to predict decades in advance the effects of exposure to rising CO2 levels on native forests, animals, soils and grasses.

The $20 ticket price includes transportation via minibus from Richmond station.

Register for the event here - Eucalypts in a Changing Climate, Richmond, 15th of May | Humanitix.

Entry to the Powerhouse is currently free, so if you’re working in the city, hang back and have a look at museum and enjoy a few sneaky drinks and snacks at Powerhouse Late on Thursdays.

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