Fantasia Showstoppers “The Jungle Book KIDS” Set To Roar To Life

Written by: The Hawkesbury Phoenix


The youth-led spectacle, The Jungle Book KIDS opens tonight, December 15 at the Richmond School of Arts.

The stage is set, the cast is in high spirits, and the excitement is palpable as Fantastia Showstoppers prepare to exchange audiences with the opening night of The Jungle Book KIDS at 7 pm tonight, December 15 at the Richmond School of Arts.

A youth-led spectacle, The Jungle Book KIDS isn’t just a production - it’s a testament to the incredible talent within our youth community. Under the direction of Alana Kenn, the cast and crew have poured their hearts and souls into the show, promising a night of entertainment that transcends age barriers.

The beloved characters from Rudyard Kipling’s classic tale will come to vivid life on stage, with standout performances including Zac Wardrop in the lead role of Mowgli, Tahlia McGown as the lovable Baloo, Sophie Jack portraying the wise Bagheera and Violet Godsell as the menacing Shere Khan.

With any great production, a lot of work has gone on behind the scenes. The enchanting world of The Jungle Book KIDS was meticulously crafted by a dedicated youth-led team, showcasing the immense talent within our community.

Under the skilled guidance of director Alana Kenn, music director Ceecee Duru and the dynamic collaboration of co-choreographers Klancy Godsell and Judith Okereafor, The Jungle comes alive with energy and precision.

Ensuring seamless performances, the team is bolstered by the multifaceted expertise of Klancy Godsell, who not only serves as a co-choreographer but also takes on the roles of costume manager and assistant production manager.

The organizational prowess of Stage Manager Jack Smith, the invaluable contributions of production assistant Lochlan Falzon, and the skilful execution of lighting design and operation by Yee Zar Ni Tun further contribute to the magic on stage.

Assistant costume manager Tyrese Arriaga adds the finishing touches to the vibrant costumes.

Together, this dynamic ensemble has woven a tapestry of creativity and dedication, promising a production that not only entertains but also reflects the passion and commitment of each team member.

Klancy Godsell, Assistant Production Manager, expressed their excitement for the production: “The Jungle Book KIDS has been an incredible experience for both our cast and crew which is filled with people who have a total love of performing and musical theatre,” Ms Godsell said.

“We can’t wait to share all the hard work that has gone into this show.

“We are all very proud."

David Catterall, the president of Fantasia Showstoppers, said it was a testament to the extraordinary talent within the Hawkesbury and Western Sydney regions that they were able to showcase the remarkable skills of our performers and young production team members.

“Over the course of several weeks, this production has undergone intensive rehearsals, during which the cast has dedicated themselves to learning songs, mastering dance routines, and honing their acting abilities—all under the exceptional guidance of our talented young leaders,” Mr Catterall said.

“I eagerly anticipate audiences having the opportunity to witness and appreciate the hard work and dedication that has gone into bringing this production to life."

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