First Responders Selected for New York Marathon 2022


Fortem Australia has announced the four first responders selected to represent Australia in the New York Marathon on Sunday, 6th November 2022.

John Bale, Fortem Australia’s Co-Founder and Managing Director said, “The volume in expressions of interest exceeded our expectation with over 120 entries. We wanted to promote a positive news story on the incredible benefits of physical activity and social connection on mental fitness, and get behind a team that can represent our nation. With the four strong winners, we have achieved our original goal”.

“Each first responder representing Fortem Australia has a unique and compelling story, and we will be sharing these stories over the coming weeks and months to build awareness of the pressures and balance required to manage their day-to-day lives, on and off duty.”

The four successful winners are:

  • Susan Forte, Senior Constable, Queensland Police
  • Craig Harrison, Deputy Captain, ACT Fire and Rescue
  • Vanessa Parry-Williams, Senior Constable, NSW Police
  • Emma Shawyer, Paramedic, NSW Ambulance.

Yass Phoenix wishes the winners well in terms of their selection and practice in the lead up to the marathon, and will watch the marathon keenly to barrack our Aussie first responders on.

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