Four Ways to Improve Focus and Memory

IMAGE: "Exercise Plays Vital Role Maintaining Brain Health" by A Health Blog is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Harvard Medical School says that normal aging leads to gradual changes with thinking and memory.

For example, you might find it harder to focus your attention and absorb information quickly.

However, researchers have found that the following four strategies can help enhance your focus and ability to attend to the information presented to you:

1. When someone is talking to you, look at the person and listen closely. If you missed something that was said, ask the person to repeat it or to speak more slowly.

2. Paraphrase what is said to make sure that you understand it and to reinforce the information. For example, if someone says, “We can see the movie either at Dendy at 7:30pm or at Hoyts at 7:50pm,” you might respond, “Which would you prefer, 7:30 at Dendy or 7:50 at Hoyts?”.

3. If you find that you tend to become distracted during conversations, try getting together with people in quiet environments. For example, you could suggest meeting at someone’s home instead of at a noisy restaurant. When you do meet people at a restaurant, sit at a table near a wall. If your companions sit against the wall and you sit facing them, you’ll be able to focus on them without having your attention wander to other diners.

4. You can improve your ability to focus on a task and screen out distractions if

you do one thing at a time. Try to avoid interrutions. For example, if someone asks you something while you’re in the middle of reading or working, ask if the person can wait until you’re finished. Don’t answer the phone until you’ve finished what you’re doing — let voicemail take the call.

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