Free Child Restraint Checks And Inistallations Are Back

Knowing your child is safe when in the car is priceless, but will cost you nothing at Adam Gorrell Automotive since Hawkesbury Council reinstated free child restraint checks and installations.

Do you want to be sure that your child is as safe as safe can be when in your car?

Adam Gorrell Automotive is offering free child restraining fitting and checks for Hawkesbury residents on behalf of Hawkesbury Council.

It has been suggested that one in three child restraints is not fitted correctly, but Adam Gorrell thinks otherwise.

“I hear that in the media, but I would suggest it is quite worse than that,” he said.

“A lot of those installs have been done by people previously, whether that be the vehicle owner or the person who sold the restraint.

“When people are about to have a child, they come in with a brand new restraint in a box and we fit it from scratch.

“There are different levels of incorrect.”

Mr Gorrell said that problems can arise when the restraint needs to be removed from the vehicle for some reason and then needs to be refitted.

“People with some experience who have had children may have an idea of how to install restraints.”

Mr Gorrell and his team encourage their customers to call them, even if they are on holiday out of state, if they find themselves needing to reinstall a restraint.

“It’s happened to me when my kids were little,” Mr Gorrell said.

“We always encourage them to call us.

“They can give us a call and we might be able to guide them through it..

“The line I like to repeat is - the child is by far the safest person in the car so long as the restraint is fitted correctly.”

He said that the five-point harness, like a racing car driver, meant that the child was safely enclosed in a sort of capsule.

“You don’t make money from fitting restraints,” Mr Gorrell said.

“We do it because we want to ensure that our customers and their children are safe.”

The team at Adam Gorrell Automotive will check fit new or existing child restraints, harnesses or booster seats free of charge from Monday, July 25.

Bookings are limited and there is a limit of two free fittings per vehicle.

Contact Adam Gorrell Automotive, located at Unit 2, 14 Aspinall Place, Mulgrave, on (02) 4577 2820.

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