Heading: Hyde Park ANZAC Memorial Desecrated

Written by: The Hawkesbury Phoenix


ANZAC Day is barely behind us, with all its solemn and heartfeld commemoration undone by a disgraceful act of vandalism.

Shadow Minister for Veterans, Robyn Preson MP called up on the Labor Government to address the vandalism of the Hyde Park ANZAC Memorial Pool of Reflection which occurred on Tuesday evening, May 7.

Red dye was thrown into the Memorial Pool during a protest rally on Tuesday showing complete disrespect for the sanctity of the pool and the veterans and Defence personnel for whom it was build in honour of.

Ms Preston used Parliament to strongly condemn the desecration of the Hyde Park ANZAC Memorial Pool of Reflection following a protest rally.

“Service personnel fought and died for the freedom of protest in this country, but this freedom should not extend to the vandalism of ANZAC Memorials,” Ms Preston said.

“The NSW Government must ensure that this desecration is never repeated.

“We respect the right for people to make their voices heard, but this Government must step up its efforts to ensure protestors don’t damage property or intimidate the community.

“I am calling on the Police Minister and the Minister for Veterans to protect our ANZAC memorials.”

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