How to Stay Warm Given Increased Energy Prices


The increased energy prices have a lot of us worried this winter. Apart from donning a dressing gown and a beanie 24/7, it is recommended that you:

Get the best deal possible: The Australian Energy Regulator has an “Energy Made Easy” website to help you find out if you are on the best deal around. You can access the site HERE.

Request assistance: If you need assistance paying a bill, let your energy provider/retailer know as soon as possible. They are legally obliged to offer you options to make payment easier.

Use smarter, pay less: Changing when and how you use some appliances can greatly reduce your energy bill. A shorter shower, a small adjustment to your thermostat, or using some appliances during the day instead of at night could make a big difference, especially if you have rooftop solar panels.

Energy savers at home: Door snakes, floor rugs, weatherproof tape, and other inexpensive home improvements can reduce you bills, whether you are a homeowner or you’re renting. For those who own their homes and can afford the outlay, adding insulation to your walls or ceiling can greatly reduce heating and cooling costs.

Solar roof-top and battery installation: As the adage goes, you have to spend money to save money. Writing in The Conversation Energy Analyst Bruce Mountain has also recommended looking into solar roof-top as a way to help manage rising energy prices.

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