Meet Matilda Emmerich From H.A.R.T.

Written by: The Hawkesbury Phoenix


With auditions coming in, there is an exciting stirring in the atmosphere in the lead-up to the 2023 Youth Talent Showcase from Hawkesbury Art and Rising Talents (H.A.R.T.)

What is H.A.R.T., though?

Fourteen-year-old Matilda Emmerich is part of the core group that developed H.A.R.T from the very start.

“The idea first came about when I was talking to some other members of our group, about the various acting/theatre classes that I had attended over the past few years,” Matilda said.

“We realised that, while there are multiple opportunities for young people to learn the basics of theatre in classes, there were very limited opportunities for young people to be part of proper theatre productions in the Hawkesbury.

“So, the goal became to put on a production.

“The idea behind hosting a talent showcase is to gain traction and involvement from the local community ahead of starting a production.”

Matilda believes that having a group like H.A.R.T means that young people in the Hawkesbury will get the opportunity to practice creative and performing arts.

“Through the talent showcase we plan to host,” Matilda said.

“It also gives youths a voice to tell stories, and the opportunity to do so, through theatre.”

This first showcase promises to be an exciting mix of different entertainment genres, with auditions welcome from music, singing and dancing to magic, mime and comedy artists. “We don’t want to set too many boundaries or try to funnel people’s creativity in any particular direction in the talent showcase,” Matilda said. “The idea is to let people be creative and talented, and showcase that talent, in whatever way reflects them, and hopefully that will be reflected in the show.”

While Matilda won’t be performing in the inaugural showcases, she will be hosting the event with fellow H.A.R.T. member Ben Buenen as emcee.

H.A.R.T. aims to give young people an opportunity to tell stories through theatre, creative and performing arts.

“I hope H.A.R.T. can become an avenue through which creative, young people can connect,” Matilda said.

“Art, of any medium - creative or performing, etc - is a universal language of storytelling, with the power to connect people.”

Get a red pen and circle December 6 on your calendar because the roof of The Regent Richmond is about to be blown off.

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