Rubber Duckies Fight For Their Lives In Annual Whitewater Duck Race

Written by: The Hawkesbury Phoenix


More than 3,600 yellow rubber duckies raced to the finish line at the annual Great Rotary Whitewater Duck Race last Saturday at Penrith Whitewater Stadium.

Each little duckie represented a ticket sold to raise much-needed funds for local Hawkesbury-based charities and not-for-profits, including the Rotary Club of Kurrajong North Richmond which holds the annual event.

This year’s event was bigger than ever, with the help of Penrith Rotary Club.

People were on a razor’s edge of excitement as the thousands of little duckies plummeted to the swirling whitewater below them as they were released from a giant crate.

The winning duckie earned $5000 for his lucky ticket-holder after exploding to the finish line in a matter of minutes.

The Rotarians certainly know how to host a great day out, and days like these don’t come about without plenty of behind-the-scenes time and effort.

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