Wilberforce Bears Recognised For Fair Play

Written by: The Hawkesbury Phoenix


This year’s Fair Play Award recognised the sportsmanship shown by Nepean Football Association’s Under 6 Bears teams from Wilberforce United FC.

At the Football NSW’s State Dinner held at the ParkRoyal Parramatta last month, Directors and Life Members came together to recognise and acknowledge the elite few who had provided consistent and invaluable service at the community level.

As with these types of events, many awards and accolades were handed out, but none more deserving as this year’s Fair Play Award that recognised the fair play shown by Nepean Football Association’s Under 6 Bears teams from Wilberforce United FC.

Football NSW was touched by the compassion and great sportsmanship this team showed towards its opposition led by their coach in the MiniRoos space.

Coach Don Culey said the whole club was proud of its Under 6 Bears. “We as a club are extremely proud of the team for showing compassion and sportsmanship, and a willingness to play fairly and have everyone on the field enjoying the game,” Mr Culey said.

“We pride ourselves at Wilberforce Soccer on getting as many children playing as possible.”

Wilberforce Under 6 Bears showed extreme compassion for their Under 6 Emus team, which is made up of mostly Under 5s and has had a very arduous season being beaten quite regularly.

The Richmond coach came back ecstatic at how the Wilberforce team at one stage all fell over “like ten pins” to allow the Richmond team a chance to run through and score a goal.

The coach mentioned that all the players and parents from Wilberforce were so positive and encouraging to their players to keep going that it was a pleasure to play the game in such great spirit from everyone concerned.

Football NSW said it was little moments like these that bring a smile to everyone’s faces.

“It was for that reason, the club took out this award,” they said.

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