Windsor Welcomes Home Hawkesbury Paddlewheeler

Written by: The Hawkesbury Phoenix

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The Hawkesbury Paddlewheeler

Windsor Wharf was filled with people last weekend as everyone gathered to celebrate the return of the iconic Hawkesbury Paddlewheeler.

Nobody was happier about the return of the water vessel than Captain Ian Burns, who paid all he had to get his paddlewheeler back.

His smile was fixed on his face throughout the entire Gala Day.

It has taken a lot of money and even more, muscle flexing and sweat over the last couple of years to restore the beautiful vessel to what it was before it was damaged in the floods of 2020.

“The Hawkesbury Paddlewheeler has been a part of the Windsor community since 2000,” Captain Burns said.

“I’ve had it since about 2010.

“It’s just an iconic tourist attraction to Windsor.

“It’s one of the last genuine paddlewheelers still operating in Australia.”

A cruise down the river on the Hawkesbury Paddlewheeler can transport a person back in time, something that Captain Ian would like to recommence as soon as possible.

“There are just a few things I didn’t get finished off,” he said.

“I’ll get those done and hopefully we’ll be cruising again in December.

“I’ll relaunch the website in time for the summer season.”

Captain Ian was overwhelmed by the community’s support.

“The community support has been very heartwarming,” he said.

“I was walking through Bunnings on the weekend and I was congratulated by about a dozen people.”

The Windsor Experience group put in a lot of effort to create a wonderful community event.

Wentworth Healthcare provided a grant to make the gala day possible.

Everyone enjoyed a free lunch as they listened to the Little Black Ducks rockin’ the festivities.

The Hawkesbury Paddlewheeler facebook page is filled with photos from the event courtesy of Jeff Walsh Fine Art Photographer, so make sure you pop on over and check them out.

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